The year 2020 has certainly changed the definition of work and play for all of us. But even in these chaotic times, we have managed to adapt ourselves to the new normal quite efficiently. Don’t you think?

Thanks to technology and apps like Zoom and FaceTime, we are always just a click away from our loved ones. With these apps, even in the difficult period of lockdown and quarantine, we are able to attend birthday parties, get-togethers, and official ceremonies virtually with our friends, family, or colleagues.

When it comes to a virtual office party, it is highly tempting to dress in a plain top and pajamas, but it is also a great opportunity to wear that pretty outfit that is stuck in your closet for months, waiting for you to adorn it! Moreover, dressing up once in a while is an excellent mood-booster that we all need. Therefore, we have prepared a simple and practical lookbook that will help you to make a style statement in any office function.

Simple yet sophisticated

Sometimes, getting yourself noticed is all about a minimalistic appeal. You don’t have to put in much effort; your outfit will speak for itself. 

The red striped pearl work shirt from ATHAH is the perfect blend of simplicity, class, and sophistication that will surely bring out your A-game in every office party.

Sexy stripes

A sure-shot way of looking chic and stylish at a Zoom party is to go for the timeless stripes. A multi-colored striped shirt with lightly washed denim is an excellent attire that looks ultra-modern and quirky when styled with a light scarf or a denim jacket.

Dress to impress

We love our shirts and t-shirts, but the effect that a feminine and flirty dress offers is truly unmatched. Pick a cute and lightweight printed dress that will raise your fashion quotient and keep you comfortable at the same time.

Don’t hold back!

If you want to look completely ravishing, opt for a statement dress. The geometric-patterned multi-colored dress from ATHAH is simply stunning – sophisticated enough for an official party and sexy enough to set you apart from the rest! Pair it with big hoop earrings to enhance your charm.

These were just a few picks that we think are appropriate for most office parties. But eventually, it all boils down to your personal sense of style and how casual or formal is your work environment. Visit the official website of ATHAH and pick the latest pieces that match your unique style.