ATHAH is a new age sustainable clothing brand for the contemporary women of today. While being up to date with the modern and chic fashion trends, we are now making a conscious step to do our part in saving the environment and Mother Nature by slowly adapting to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. 

The brand has emerged from a well-established and renowned export chain based in Noida. From managing to delivering and handling high-end ladies wear brands, we have expansive experience in the realm of women fashion.

At ATHAH, we want to offer premium fashion wear that is not only smart and voguish but immensely comfortable. That’s why we have partnered with the finest ethical sources to procure the best materials and curate unmatched styles.

Our Vision


We write that in bold because we believe that fashion cannot be provided at the cost of our environment. We recognize our duties and responsibilities towards the planet, ecosystems, and communities.

Currently, we are constantly progressing towards a setup that fully promotes sustainable and ethical fashion that is not harsh on the environment yet does not compromise on style and aesthetics. We consider ourselves as a MODERN brand that is weaving the fibers of sustainability in our operations while maintaining high quality. The goal is to create an effective system that works without leaving a negative footprint.

We manufacture our products by using traditional techniques and combine them with new innovative technologies to support and grow our business. Our mantra is to constantly INNOVATE, UPGRADE, and NEVER STOP LEARNING!

With your help, we aim to align our actions with our values to create a community that’s capable of wide-reaching impact to make a positive environmental change.