Find the perfect dress and feel most comfortable, there are many things to consider. Today we list the main topics to think about when you meet with the designer. Here are few essential tips to keep in mind when conducting the first interview with the designer you have chosen to make your dress.

Dress Budget

The first thing to take into account is how much you will spend on your dress and the budget that the designers offer. This will help you organize and have a clearer idea when designing it.

Dress Styles

Keep in mind while it is a good quality to be fashionable, it is best to always follow your own style. Whether you are going to want a long, short or crop top or dress, it is always a good idea to imagine yourself wearing it and if this is how you want to look at your party night. Take this point into account when choosing a designer, since it is most important to choose one that you can understand and feel comfortable with.

The Theme of the Dress

If you are thinking of having a theme party, for example, a movie, you can choose STYLISH PARTY WEAR TOPS ONLINE that the protagonist has worn, or imitate the style of it to design it. Take into account that it combines, both in colours, motif and style, as well as with the decoration of the room and the atmosphere.

Select a dress with which you feel relaxed.

Think that you are going to dance, jump and move around the room. Therefore, it is best to choose a dress that you trust and makes you feel comfortable. This point is also important when selecting shoes.

Headdress and Accessories

This day is ideal for wearing accessories that you would not wear every day; you can choose some more striking or sober, depending on the style you are going to wear, always keeping in mind that they match your look. For example tops for women online.

A HEADDRESS can be a flower crown in shades that match the dress or a tiara that shines with light reflections. Rings, you can use around, pendant or concealed choker, especially if you wear a V-neckline, to prevent the neck from looking empty. Bracelets, it is best if it is a compliment and does not take away the attention from the dress.

Protocol label: how to dress according to the event

Do you have a wedding, a baptism, communion or another social event coming up? Is it morning or afternoon? Do you already be acquainted with how you are going to dress? It is important to know the rules of etiquette, as it will help you a little more to know where to go when choosing your clothing. I’ll tell you about it below!  

If you have an etiquette protocol, it is not noticed, nor is it missed. But if it’s missing, everyone notices it, and it’s fatal.

As a general rule, women’s clothing is marked by men’s, and this should be indicated in the invitation to the event, although this is not always the case. So, if you have doubts, ask the organizers of the event, although I hope that with my advice, they will be clarified for you.

The dress code is one that is worn at gala events or formal events, such as a wedding. In this case, male men have several possibilities: The number one rule is that your dress, shoes and party accessories must go with your personality above all fashions. Yes, you should be fashionable as much as possible, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and identified with your look; leave the costumes for Carnival.