Buying   t shirts for women online  can seem like a nightmare for those who have been forced to resort to this format, given the sanitary restrictions imposed by the authorities. Especially when trying on, seeing and touching the garments is an impossibility. However, it is important to consider that there are ways to reduce errors and also to fix them. Because it is not a black market that disappears the moment you enter your internet banking password.

Instructions to buy clothes without trying them on (and that it fits you well)

People continue to buy clothes because they like to look good for themselves; it doesn’t matter if they are going to be locked up,” ATHAH  is one of the leading online stores for purchasing t-shirts for women. provides quality garments at a very reasonable rate

Know your body

It is important to know your body, to know what cuts fit you,” The key is to always have a measuring tape at home, which you can use when buying clothes online. In this way, the back, bust or chest, waist and hip (high and low) can be measured.

The photo works, but do not be fooled.

 From Below, comments that people often ask about the size that the person in the photo is wearing. Does it serve? “

Buy what accentuates and harmonizes with your facial appearance and figure.  

Take into explanation your skin, hair and eye colour, as well as your figure when choosing clothes. A mistake that is made is to buy what we see looks well on others, without taking into account that their complexion is different from yours. Don’t forget that not all trends suit everyone, so if you are plump and your legs are chubby, for example, then avoid buying leggings with prints, as it will only make your legs look thicker than they are.

Don’t buy on impulse. 

Buy what you need or want. Do not buy just because you bring cash and do not get accepted away by emotion. Buy what is certainly the most excellent. A tip that will also help you save money is to buy only that convinces you when a person attempts it on in the store. Otherwise, it will end up in your secret for centuries without trying it. It will also be cool if you look for avant-garde and new garments that you can customize to your own style.

Check the superiority of the garments.

 Test the superiority of the fabric and the overall construction of the garment. Make sure that the zippers, buttons and hems are in high-quality condition. I recommend that you look for clothes that are easy to care for and do not need dry cleaning; the last thing you need is clothes with a high maintenance cost. Do not buy clothes that do not have the care label and always follow their orders to make your clothes last longer. Do not forget that if your garment is cheap, then it is not worth what you paid for how much it cost.

Always try on your clothes. 

Take several clothes and try them on. Do not buy anything that is too small for you, even if you intend to lose weight later or buy it so baggy that it makes you look bigger.

Choose accessories that are varied and suitable for your wardrobe. 

Accessories do wonders with your wardrobe. Even the simplest  t shirt dress for women  are accentuated by the right accessories. Get long jewelry, necklaces, belts and scarves and employ  them to highlight your clothes. This simple trick will also make your wardrobe appear more spacious.

November 08, 2021 — ATHAH ATHAH